Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Got MKX.

I never moved that preorder, and today all the reviews came out and everywhere you look in gaming media, it's Mortal Kombat X.  I watched that vid of all (most of) the fatalities.

And I was like "well, I've seen the craziest shit MKX has to offer - why bother with it?"

Plus, I want to spend more time with Bloodborne.  I seriously want to go back to Dying Light.  I've got like three Vita games I haven't finished.  No wait - four - forgot about Monsterbag.

I think I was trying to sell myself on the idea of not getting it.  I tried to play it cool.  Went on to Twitter, trying not to think about how I wanted to main Cassie based on attitude alone.

...holy shit, Ashly Burch plays Cassie?

And then I read some reviews.  And then I read some previews.  And then I went down to EB and picked up Mortal Kombat X.

Just fiddling around in story mode at the moment.  I am very, very bad at this game.  But... it may be a start.

We'll see.


  1. It's on. I have some fans for you.

    1. Not any time soon! I still want to put some time in Bloodborne, plus that review has to happen before I get involved in anything else.

      Spoiler: Bloodborne is good, and not bad.

    2. Shit, how am I gonna enjoy Bloodborne *now*?! Spoiled everything!