Friday, April 10, 2015

Imagine if Rockstar made a trailer for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

Now stop imagining, 'cause it would look exactly like this.

And that... actually gets me more interested in Wild Hunt than anything they've shown before.  Hm.

When does that come out again?

...May 19th.


I think I'll go move that Mortal Kombat preorder.


  1. I rarely pre-order games, but I got Witcher 3 on pre-order.
    While I'm not a fan of these kinds of trailers, they do a thorough job of explaining a game to anyone that may not be familiar with it--especially if it's a feature-heavy open world game like this one.

    1. The Witcher games have been like Final Fantasies, to me. I want to love 'em, I end up liking certain aspects, but never finishing them. Third time's the charm?