Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In which I react to Silent Hills' cancellation.

Chamberlain and I had a brief correspondence about this the other day, when the news rumor-broke through Del Toro.
CHAMBERLAIN: Ahem.  Fuck Konami.

CHANCE: Yeah, but name me the last Silent Hill game you really, really loved - it probably came out like, a decade ago. The name Silent Hill has been synonymous with mediocrity since the launch of the PS3, and the only thing compelling about Silent Hills were the two far-more-meaningful names that had become associated with it - Del Toro and Kojima.  
Also, Del Toro's been attached to like three fucking games and none of them got made. Who is this news surprising? (Not me.)
That being said?  Yes, fuck Konami.  This was the most anyone's been excited about a Silent Hill game in a very, very long while.  It's like if Ubisoft gave the Assassin's Creed license to Klei Entertainment, and then said "whups, just kidding."

After the surprising success of P.T. last year - everyone was talking about it, it even ended up on some GotY lists - you'd think Konami would move mountains to ensure all that hype and goodwill didn't end up wasted.  But eh, that's their call.  They'll just fall back on one of their other cherished, money-printing franchises like...


Well, here's hoping a half-decent company buys the Metal Gear license when they go out of business.

[update]  Ramzeltron's right, this is worth watching.  



  1. Have you seen Super Bunnyhop's "Kojima vs. Konami" video on this whole snafu? He gives a good overview over this unfortunate series of events.

    I feel bad for del Toro. He has terrible luck with starting productions, and not just with games. He has a graveyard full of wonderful projects that never got off the ground. If I had unlimited cash, I'd give him enough money for the rest of his career.

    1. Oooh Bunnyhop's done some good stuff, I'll have to check that out.

  2. Replies
    1. I actually have no idea. I"m pretty sure a NeoGAFfer put it together, but like you, I stumbled across it while wandering the 'net.