Saturday, May 16, 2015

Game Diary - PC master race.

Short on time, but let's chat.  I mucked around in Race the Sun the other day.  It's okay.  It's certainly not bad.  I don't really understand much about it - you race through a minimalist environment, attempting to keep up with the ever-setting sun, which powers your solar vehicle - and I was just getting to the point where it was unlocking things and making my ship cooler annnd... meh.

I opened up Muramasa and started a new game on chaos difficulty.

It remains one of my favorite games of all time.  The word I often apply to Vanillaware games - which they invariably live up to - is luxurious.  It's beautiful and comfortable and delicious in all ways, and it's always a bit edifying to return to a game I've proclaimed wonderful and find that Future Me agrees with Past Me's zeal.

In other news, Darkest Dungeon is finally going to get its first major update at the end of the month.  There've been a ton of little updates where they balance the characters and add nice little UI tweaks - there've probably been dozens since I've been away from it - but on May 28th, there's a biggun.

The Fiends & Frenzy update will finally add new classes to the game, in the form of the military-hardened Man-at-Arms (mace, shield and buffs!) and the Arbalest, a ranged attacker with "some field medic abilities."  The update also adds three new bosses to the game, who will now appear in the currently-available dungeons.

Perhaps most exciting is the promise of "new special rewards" for those who explore larger dungeons "in a state of darkness."

This is music to my ears, as my strategy has long been to camp immediately upon entering a dungeon to buff my heroes, and then let the light disappear to increase my loot spoils and crit chance - which makes a huge difference.  Of course, you also get ambushed more and enemies do far more damage to you, but it's not called Brightest Dungeon, is it?

So yeah.  I really want to get back into Darkest Dungeon, but... there's a new kid on the PC block, and she's just my type.

Invisible Inc, Klei's latest long-in-development effort, got its full release this week.  Its system spec requirements on Steam are, effectively, written in Greek.  They're likely meant to explain something very specific, but I have no idea what my computer is actually built from and whether or not it can run the game.  Purchasing it, then, was a bit of a risk - especially given that it's coming to PS4 eventually - but patience has never been my strong suit.

I gave them twenty dollars.  I waited.  I installed.  I updated.  I ran the game.

My PC can run Invisible Inc.  It is a beautiful day.

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