Sunday, May 31, 2015

New XCOM? Bloodstained on Vita?

The 'Advent' teaser that 2K fired off last week has been cracked.  Long story short, if you go digging deep enough to you discover two prominent, nonsensical words in two different places - GFIIOLID and NCOVO.

The thing is, if you rearrange the letters you get "Vigilo Confido" - the motto of that adorns the X-COM shield in Enemy Within.

New XCOM?  Yes please.

Oh God imagine if it landed on Vita.  I mean, it's a western property - that'll never happen without Sony's Third Party Productions wing stepping in - but that would be awesome.

In other Vita news,

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night hit its Wii U port stretch goal overnight, and two more stretch goals were revealed - 3.25 million for asynchronous multiplayer and 3.5 for a Vita port... handled by a developer named Armature.  Who are Armature?

They're a porting house who've actually handled some pretty respectable Vita games.
 "We are especially grateful to be able to help out on this, as most of Armature’s games have been released on the PS Vita—that would be Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, Injustice, and The Unfinished Swan, in case you’re counting. Our team knows the PS Vita platform inside and out, and we’ll do it justice as we bring you Bloodstained, running on UE4, to the PS Vita. Help us bring Bloodstained where -vania games belong – your hands!"
I... suddenly find myself terribly curious about whether or not Unreal Engine 4 can actually run on the Vita.  I will be very surprised if that actually works out... but here's the thing...

Bloodstained still has almost two weeks to go on its Kickstarter.  Between now and three hours ago when I woke up, they went from 3.02 mil to 3.029.  It's totally possible for them to get another 500K between now and the start of E3 - and most Kickstarter games see a spike in the last three days of the campaign anyway.

This could totally happen.  Ahem.  Woo.

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