Tuesday, May 26, 2015

PS4 story-horror Until Dawn drops August 25th.

Truth be told, Until Dawn has never precisely blown my skirt up.  If you're doing a game that is entirely narrative-driven, with player interaction limited to slight exploration and quicktime events, your game better be fucking gorgeous.  This is why the Quantic Dream titles are always so stunning - they pretty much have to be, because if you're asking someone to play a game in which gameplay comes last, it had better be a visual feast.

I don't find Until Dawn all that gorgeous.  Nothing, graphically, really impresses after bearing witness to The Order: 1886, and it was also a cover-based shooter.

So myeh.  I might give it a miss.

'Course, I do want to try it.  And I feel the butterfly representing the narrative branches is a pretty smart choice.

That's kinda' clever.

Also, points for Peter Stromare.  Best Devil Ever.

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