Thursday, June 4, 2015

General geekery.

Lookin' a bit sparse towards the bottom.
We're going to need more figures.

Kayla decided she required her own Detolf.  She paid for it, I set it up and wired it for light, and suggested that - in the name of symmetry - her collection should go in the middle.

I'll be honest, in the name of symmetry I kinda' feel Selvaria should go in the middle and her multi-Nendo shelf should go on the right, but as it's set up now, her Nendo from God Eater 2 (the cat girl with the big gun) is nice and close to my Nendo from God Eater 2 (the blond girl with the big gun) - which I like.

God Eater 2 - Alisa Ilinichina Amiella - Nendoroid #401

She arrived just after Kayla's Nendoroid #182, Homura.

Kayla displays her with the rocket launcher, naturally.

I told Kayla that me, buying Alisa, and her, buying Homura, represented a startling new chapter in our figure collecting.

Homura is the first figure Kayla bought not because the figure itself is cute or awesome, but because she loves the character.

Alisa is the first figure I bought not because I love the character, but because the figure is cute and awesome.

I mean she has a chaingun, a beret and a tartan skirt.  She's awesome.

But, again... a troubling new development.

In other news,

Now... Kill la Kill is a pretty entertaining anime.  I kinda' love it, to the point that Ryuko Matoi (above, looking determined and cocky) was my first non-video game figure.  It's not The Best Anime Evarrr, but until we get a bluray release of Paranoia Agent, it was on the top of my Wanted Shows list.

The problem was, distribution rights for the show were picked up by Aniplex.  Aniplex are... kind of like Atlus, if Atlus were completely evil and hated their customers.  Kill la Kill is just a single season long - twenty-three episodes, and an OVA.  It's not uncommon to find entire seasons of a show for forty bucks, fifty bucks... how much do you think Aniplex are charging for Kill la Kill?

About $200 US, or forty bucks each for five separate packaged disks. In my neck of the woods, that price leaps again to about $70 per disk.

So Kayla drops me a line at work the other day, that she found Kill la Kill from the American distributor for only forty bucks a disk.

"Hm, forty bucks?" I write back. "No, I can't afford it."

I think this was her revenge for Ultimate Madoka.

Now, as we're all aware, kindness must be punished.  As soon as Kayla finalized the purchase, the Canadian/US exchange rate enjoyed a nice little tremor, each pulling away from the other.

When all was said and done, Kayla had paid three hundred and twenty bucks for a single season of an Anime for me, her sweetie.  She has, additionally, agreed to watch it with me.

I think I'll go hug her.

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