Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Bethesda presser.

E3 starts now.

So excited!  C'mon, Bethesda - gimmie Doom, gimmie Dishonored, show me Fallout 4 and let one of them release in 2015.

Okay!  Sizzle reel of a bunch of folks who work at Bethesda studios basically saying "this is gonna' be awesome."

Let's.  See it.

Now it's a sizzle reel of Bethesda games.  Mad Max, Evil Within, Skyrim, Dishonored, Wolfenstein.  ...isn't this the song from that first Overkill trailer?  I believe it is.

Global VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines is up... Skyrim music.

Yadda yadda yadda... first ever Bethesda press conference.  Yadda yadda yadda thank you for watching.  Yadda yadda yadda...

Okay stop gladhanding everyone.

Starting with Doom!  Wooo!

Excuse me, I'm switching to fullscreen.  Id Tech 6 engine.  "Id has taken the first person shooter to a whole new level."

Pardon me while I go fullscreen.

. . .

Hang on, I need a tissue.

Y'know what, I'm just going to change my pants.

Okay.  All good.  It looks fabulous.  Fast-paced, very physical, lots of canned animations for melee-ing stunned enemies, and all the guns look perfect.  And now they're showing multiplayer!

Holy shit, it sounds like they're including creation tools.

Doom Snapmap.   You totally create environments.  Place items.  Create and edit game logic to make new modes.  "For more than 20 years the doom community has been one of the most active and creative in gaming."  Very cool.  It's LittleBigPlanet for Doom.

Now they're showing more single-player campaign.

Coming Spring 2016 for current gen and PC.  Ahhh that was so sexy.

Okay!  What's next?!

Bethesdanet.  "It will be at the heart of all of our games going forward, and integrate our website into one seamless experience."  Sounds like Ubi's crappy uplay thing.

Battlecry is up next - their melee-centric steampunk Team Fortress clone.  They're accepting applications to the worldwide alpha... 'cause I guess folks aren't exactly busting down their doors to play it.

Myeh.  Looks like an indie game.  That thing will crash and burn, make my words.

Oooh Arkane (Dishonored) is up!

You have the choice to play as Corvo or Emily, and "you can play the entire game without killing anyone."  Coming to PC, PS4, One.  No release window.

Oooh!  Dishonored Definitive Edition is coming to the new gen!  This fall!  Sweet deal.

Now they're talking about Elder Scrolls Online, so I'm going to have a cigarette.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends announced.  It's a strategy card game.  Myeh.  Free-to-play.

And now Pete Hines is saying that's the end.  People are booing.

Bring on Fallout, you monster.  And give us a release date!

Todd Howard is up.

Showing a ton of concept art.  ...very EA of you...

Tons of very varied environments.  "The world that existed before the bombs fell.  That is where our game starts - on a beautiful Saturday morning with the thread of war looming."

Mediocre face animation again.  They're actually showing the character creator.  The character is a voiced male.  And you can play as a female, it seems.

"The most ambitious game world that we have ever made, culminating in the ruins of downtown Boston."

Compared to Skyrim, that's a bold statement.

Lol they made a real pip-boy that you can put your phone in it, and they made an app to make it look like a real pip-boy.  It works with the game as a second screen experience oh my God.

"It's a stupid gimmick, but as far as stupid gimmicks go it's the best fucking one I've ever seen."

Comes with the Pip-boy Edition of Fallout 4.

There's also a "totally new game" coming to smartphones and tablets.

Fallout Shelter.  In it, you make your own Vault, and you are the overseer controlling the vault.  You control the people in the vault, it's your job to keep them productive and happy.  All the folks inside look like little pip-folks.  All the people inside have stats and level up.  It's a 2.5D side-view a'la the base in XCOM. Gotta' balance resources, food, water and power.

Fallout Shelter will be free, no paywall timers, no internet connection required.  You build something, it's instantly built.  "The goal of this game was to do something we want to play on our phones."

Fallout Shelter is coming out on the app store Tonight!!! I'm in!

Back to Fallout 4.  You can rip apart anything in the game world and build things yourself.  A new home for yourself and the dog.  "As your settlement grows people will arrive including some of the best traders in the game."  Plant food, get water, and power generators.

You can build terminals to tweak the effects of lights, turrets, et cetera.

Your settlements can and will get attacked by raiders.

"There are many large sites in the game where we allow you to build" and you can run brahman caravans between your settlements.

You can heavily modify all your weapons, basically turning them into completely different items.  And you can modify your own power armor piece by piece. Holy crap.

Now he's saying they've spent a lot of time making the combat in Fallout 4 "feel great."  I'll believe it when I see it, Bethesda.

"We know we have a responsibility to do this game right, and your love and support really has pushed us to do this game right.  And we don't want you to wait too much longer."

Fallout 4 is coming out November 10th, 2015.  


Well I have a great big grin on my face.  Looks fantabulous.

Okay, so Bethesda's didn't constantly blow my socks off, but the big 3 - Doom, Dishonored and Fallout - couldn't be happier, there.

Now, let's see if we can scrounge up that Fallout footage...

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