Monday, June 15, 2015

The Xbox presser.

Sizzle reel!  They're really playing up Tomb Raider.  Master Chief, Lara, Marcus Fenix... ah, here we go.

Starting with Halo 5. "Built from the ground up for Xbox One.  The game that fulfills the promise of the Halo universe and the power of Xbox One. Epic worlds, epic battles, epic scale."

Trailer.  With Nathan Fillion. Man screw this Twitch stream.  Thank you, YouTube.

Right into gameplay!  Looks lovely. Coming November 10th!

24-player multiplayer and AI enemies.  They're going Battlefield. It's called Warzone.

New world premiere from Microsoft Studios...

From Keiji Inafine and the makers of Metroid Prime... oh my.

ReCore, coming spring 2016.  Prerendered trailer of a young woman and her robot dog in a sandy wasteland.  Looks cool. "An exclusive new first-party franchise for Xbox One."

I'm not sure all these people with green shirts in the front row is really helping you, Xbox.

Xbox One is getting backward compatibility!  Oh my god, that's pretty huge. "Your Xbox 360 games will be playable natively on your Xbox One."

"We'll have over 100 titles this holiday with more titles in the year to come."  So it sounds like it's sort of like Vita/PSP compatibility - it might be supported.  Cross-gen multiplayer, they're saying.  That'll be impressive if it works.  "An initial set of BC titles are available today for Xbox Preview members, and for everyone this holiday.  We won't charge you to play the games you already own."


Now they're showing off the new controller.

Ooh Todd Howard is up.  Did they get Fallout DLC timed exclusivity?  (It's happened before with Bethesda.)  He's... basically giving a condensed version of the speech he gave last night... it is literally the same demo from last night, after the PC comes out of the vault.

Ah now there's new stuff.  Showing a laser musket and a quest with a bunch of folks trapped in a building.  Putting on some power armor... Fallout 4 still looks wonderful.

"I've bugged (xbox) for one feature for years now.  Mods created on the PC will be allowed to be transferred, shared and played for free on Xbox One."

Holy shit that's huge.  That's bigger than DLC.

Now Peter Moore is up (the EA CEO).

Talkin' up EA Access (myeh).  Now he's talking about Madden, so I'm going for a cigarette.

And we're back.  Plants Vz. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is coming next spring.  New trailer.


Now they're talking about Forza 6, by talking about a Ford car.

Ah. a trailer.  Coming September 15th.

Oooh Dark Souls III trailer!  Woo! Prerendered.  Coming 2016 - no mention of exclusivity.

Another trailer!  Looks like an urban landscape after everyone left... from Ubisoft.  Oh it's The Division. Myeh.

Xbox One players will be the first ones to try The Division via an exclusive beta this December.  On Oactober 13th we launch Rainbow 6: Siege.  When Siege comes out you'll get Rainbow 6 Vegas and Vegas 2 via backwards compatibility free on Xbox One for owners of Siege.

Next up is a Windows 10/Xbox One exclusive.  Oh it's that cartoony MOBA Gigantic.

Beta coming August 15th.

Indie sizzle.  Cuphead.  The Mean Greens.  The Molasses Flood.  Pantasmal. The Solus Project.  Westerdo. Sword Coast Legend.  Outward.  Goat Simulator: MMore Goatz Edition.  Game 4 from Behemoth.  Below.  Ark: Survival Evolved. Recruits.  SuperHot.

They threw up a ton of indie trailers this morning, I'll have to go through those.  Some looked pretty cool.

More then 100 developers are making games via the ID@Xbox program.  Games are "debuting exlcusively" on Xbox One.

That's weird.  Tacoma was shown at the PSX presser in December - I guess Xbox snagged the launch?

Ashen, a... lovely fantasy survival adventure.  Hm.  Nobody has faces.

Beyond Eyes from Tiger & Squid - one of the like, three play-as-a-blind-person games that are coming out.  Looks like... watercolor.  Gorgeous.

Cuphead!  Oh man it looks so goddamned good.

A new pilot program for indie devs called Xbox Game Preview.  Lets players buy and play games while still in active development - so it's Steam Early Access for Xbox.   Every game in the program will have a free trial so you can decide if you want to jump in early or not.  Coming to Xbox Game Preview:
The Long Dark
Elite: Dangeous!

Wow.  Good list.  The Long Dark and Elite:Dangerous will be available in Xbox Game Preview later today.  Noice.

Ion, the next thing from the DayZ crew, coming to Xbox One and Windows 10.

World premiere gameplay from Tomb Raider.  Pardon me, I have to go fullscreen.

Hey, Jonah's back.  He's a good dude.  A lot of ice climbing.  Looks gorgeous.  Super-sad I won't be playing it.

Sigh.  Looks awesome.  Coming November 10th.

So sad.

Whups looks like that Rare bundle we heard about.  "30 hit games."  Rare Replay.  Thirty games for thirty dollars.  Hm!  Coming August 4th - boxed release, from the looks of it.

A new "shared world adventure game" is coming from Rare.  Looks like a piracy theme.  Like, parrots and such.  A bunch of player-characters running a boat together. Ship-vs-ship combat.  You can force other players to walk the plank.  Sea of Thieves.  Looks cool!

Now a Fable Legends trailer, coming this holiday, free to play.  Cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One.

"Today we are proud to announce a new relationship with Valve VR."  It takes the audience a minute, but they start clapping.  "The Xbox One controller will be included with every Oculus Rift at launch."
Now he's talking up HoloLens.  ...I could use a cigarette...

Now the brand director for Mojang (Minecraft) is up.  Microsoft bought that, remember?

Okay I'm going for that cigarette.

Showing... sort of a digital projection of Minecraft.  If this works the way it seems to... this could be big.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition coming August 25th.  1080p and 60FPS in multiplayer.  1 week public beta of multiplayer starts today.

And a new Gears game.  A blond dude and a lady Cog.  Oh my.

Gears 4, holiday 2016.

Annnd that looks like it.  Not much... or... really anything in terms of big new game reveals.

Still super-jelly about Tomb Raider and Cuphead, though.

Oh well.

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