Thursday, June 18, 2015

What is going on with Galak-Z?

I've been scouring for details on indies at E3.  Usually, around this time, the big games have been seen and covered, and we begin getting nice little looks at smaller titles on the show floor.

This year, we didn't.  Don't know why - not sure why - but I've actually found a bit of interesting footage from... PlayStation, of all people.

They've had some indie devs on their livestream couch, and it's only here that I've been able to find a bit of information or a bit of gameplay about my most-anticipated indies.

First up - obviously - Galak-Z.

The man with the beard is, for the record, Jake Kazdal - the man who runs 17 Bit, which is working on Galak-Z and made Skulls of the Shogun.  There are two major takeaways, for me.

One: The Vita version may not be happening

Jake says Galak-Z is coming "exclusively" to PS4, and makes no mention of Vita.  (He also makes no mention of a PC version, but you know that's coming.)  The Vita logo, additionally, doesn't appear at the end of Galak-Z's E3 2015 trailer - just the PS4 logo.

I've asked for clarification on its Vita status everywhere I can think of, and haven't heard back.

[update] In an earlier stream, Jake Kazdal explained that a Vita version of Galak-Z would be awesome, but if it ends up happening, it would be through a third-party.  So, basically, it's not happening unless Sony steps in and hands it off to one of their Vita porting studios.

Don't hold your breath. [/update]

Second: We'll get a release window/date for Galak-Z in "a few weeks."

That is huge if true.  Galak-Z has been "coming soon" since 2013, and was due to be released "late summer" 2014.  The game went back in the oven when Kazdal and 17-Bit decided to move it from a pure Metroidvania action game into an action-Roguelike, and 17-Bit's been completely mum on a potential release ever since.

We may actually get this thing before the end of the summer.  On PS4.

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