Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Galak-Z drops August 4th - Vita version canned.

Galak-Z, my #1 most-hyped game for 2014 and #2 for 2015 - lagging only behind my beloved Darkest Dungeon - finally has a release date.  The Newtonian physics-based free-flight Roguelike space combat simulator will drop on PS4 on August 4th, 2015.  Twenty bucks or $15.99 if you pre-order with a PS+ membership.  It's predictably part of this summer's Play promotion on PSN, which sees the title chilling out with other indie darlings like Journey, N++ and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

In other infinitely tragic news, the Vita version is not happening.  Like just... not happening.  And I... am... crushed.

Like, I knew it was kinda' coming.  All the signs were there, but I wanted to believe.  Today, the penny dropped.  Here's a few choice quotes from developer 17-Bit's Twitter feed:
"Vita Faithful: heart-breaking technical limitations force us to put Galak-Z Vita on ice.  Can't compromise beautiful & responsive gameplay."

"We spared no expense or creativity in trying to figure it out.  Unity on Vita along with our intense physics & AI make it a no-go."
And, finally, studio head Jake Kazdal sounds off:

Don't you give me hope, Jake!  Don't you give me hope!!!

That being said, super hyped.  Day one.  Fuck yeah.

But you could... y'know... you could take it off your fucking website.

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