Monday, August 17, 2015

Two trailers.

First, this story trailer for the Uncharted collection actually kinda... works on me.

Second, the cast for The Hateful Eight is ridonkulous.

Is anyone else surprised that Tarantino is following a western with another western?  No complaints here.  I also like that, from the looks of it, a huge chunk of the film is going to take place within that cabin - which puts me in mind of The Farmhouse Scene or The German Bar Scene in Inglorious Basterds - two of Tarantino's greatest accomplishments, if I do say so myself.  Some good actors, a single, lived-in set, and a thrill a minute.

I can dig it. Oh, also, have you seen the trailer for Del Toro's Crimson Peak?

That's happening.

1 comment:

  1. Crimson Peak looks to be required viewing. And once more we weep for what Silent Hills could have been,