Thursday, September 10, 2015

I've been playing Metal Gear Solid V.

And... yeah, man.

Yeah.  This is a goatee contender.  A very strong one.  I wish Chamberlain were better at it. 

Last night I traipsed across Africa, completing side ops and clearing every outpost I came across - stripping them down to the foundations.  I cleared a huge one, set up C4 on their comms equipment and radar dish, and hit the trigger as I stalked up a hill to take out a sniper and clean the house behind him.  The radio lit up with soldiers talking about hearing explosions, and dispatching someone to check it out.

By the time I came out of the house, a hundred yards down the hill, in the outpost, a huge truck pulled in.  The soldiers inside were explaining to their commander that everything - every weapon, every soldier, every supply container, ever bit of resources in the outpost was just gone.  Just gone, man!

"Search everywhere!  Find the intruder!  Further losses will not be tolerated!" their boss shouted back at them.  Dutifully, they both hopped out of the truck, to begin searching the outpost.

Then, I attached a balloon to it, and stole their truck.  Then I stole them.

10/10 would steal again.

Also, this is a thing.

A thing that is happening.

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