Friday, September 18, 2015

Land of No Night coming west for PS4. Fans want it on Vita.

Remember Land of No Night?  That kinda-yuri-lookin' RPG from Gust (the Atelier series) with nice graphics for PS4, PS3 and Vita?  Here's a recent trailer showing off a few of the hero's transformations - the "rabbit" outfit allows fast movement and quick strikes, the "mage" outfit permits party buffs and ranged attacks, the armored transformation offers solid defense and major offense, and the final winged version is considered to be the ultimate.

Annnyway, Koei Tecmo's US and European Twitter accounts confirmed that Land of No Night will be getting localized in 2016... for PS4.  To which the Twitterverse replied "um - excuse me - what about VITA?!"

Now, Koei Tecmo's US Twitter account didn't address their fans' pleas - but, thankfully, those European folks have a little thing called manners.

So here's hopin'!

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