Monday, September 14, 2015

The Cove comes to Darkest Dungeon Sep 29.

The above image represents the entirety of today's announcement - but it's a pretty big deal to those of us who've fallen for Red Hook's atmospheric RPG.  Since its Early Access launch in February, only three (of an eventual five) dungeons were available to us - the Ruins, the Weald and the Warrens - and the Cove promises new unique foes to drive our heroes mad, new environments to tremble our way through and new mysterious curiosities offering boon and dread in equal measure.

Plus, we'll get to kill fish-men inspired by Shadow Over Innsmouth, so that's pretty cool!

One question it raises, though.  Red Hook promised The Cove would drop in "late September," with the full game - and the titular Darkest Dungeon - becoming available, suitably, in October.  Is one month really enough time to finish the game off?

I... kinda' doubt it - but Red Hook's done a spectacular job, so far.  Keep the faith, brothers and sisters.  Keep the faith.

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