Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vita is dead. Nothin' to play on Vita, no Sirree...

I'm still playing Metal Gear, of course, and curious about SOMA, but lately I need my gaming to be sort of... gentle and relaxing.  And so, with the Gravity Rush 2 details we got at TGS, the original game has actually been seeing the lion's share of my gaming time, lately.  It's a bit remarkable, going back to it after the Vita became a veritable garden paradise of retro indies and psychedelic indies and ultraviolent indies and ultra-hardcore indies, plus weird Japanese stuff, and find one's self reminded of what the Vita was - and what it was to be - when Gravity Rush first landed on the platform. 

With Gravity Rush, the Vita felt like the platform it was always promised to be - a phenomenal, accomplished way to play triple-A quality titles on the go.  Here was a thrilling, new, open-world adventure with heady spiritual and philosophical undertones that actually made flying fun - which is not nearly common enough, I'll tell you - and it's so gorgeous!  Its animations are so perfect!  It's soundtrack is wonderful! 

After Gravity Rush, we got two triple-A releases from Sony.  They were both, similarly, excellent - Tearaway and Killzone Mercenary - and then the faucet stopped.  Sony just gave up on the triple-A Vita releases. 

Thank God, Japan didn't.  There are actually more high-end games coming to Vita in the remainder of 2015 that I'm going to buy than there are coming to PS4.  I mean, obviously, there are a lot more triple-A games coming to PS4 this fall - but if we limit consideration to those that I'm going to buy? There's one - Fallout 4.  The end.  (Probably.)

Before 2015 is out, I'll likely have The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and definitely Senran Kagura: Estival Versus on my Vita.  And guess what showed up today?

I paid one hundred and twelve of my dollars for the Persona 4: Dancing All Night: Disco Fever Edition.  It comes with some DLC costumes, a Vita skin (you know I have never put a skin on my Vita?), a gold Teddy keychain, a reversible carrying pouch for your Vita and very nicely-packaged two-disc soundtrack.

I'll pay fifty bucks over MSRP just to give Atlus a financial hug.

Elsewhere, The Cove finally opened up in Darkest Dungeon today.

I gave it a quick whirl, diving in with a (frankly, badly-balanced) crew of all tanks and a healer, because all of my top-shelf DPS peeps had died of like, the plague or terror or something, and we dove into a short room-clearing run.

I was stunned by electric-shocking, free-floating jellyfish, had no attack that could snipe the gott-damned fish-men healers who kept to the back row, and had my Crusader's block knocked off by a giant crab-man.  (Tastes like crab, talks like people.)  Five stars, would get stunned by jellies again.

I also snapped up Grow Home on PS4 and September's two PS+ Vita games (La Mulana EX and Xeodrifter).

The problem with Vita isn't that there are no games.  It's that there isn't nearly enough time time to play all the bloody games it has.  ...when am I gonna' try Danganronpa?

[update] Okay, I can say with absolute certainty that P4: Dancing All Night is way, way harder than the last rhythm game I played, Elite Beat Agents (2006).

Also, if you haven't snagged Grow Home for your PS4 - it's free with PS+ this month - go snag Grow Home for your PS4.  Do this thing.  Beautiful, exploration-driven and very classic platforming.  Puts one in mind of the N64 era. [/update]