Friday, October 30, 2015

Awesome Posters! Ver. 5.0

It's Central Canada Comic Con time again!  And my dogs are barkin', but - as always - I came home with some pret-ty sweet art for my long-suffering walls.

Awesome Posters! 4.0
Awesome Posters! 3.0
Awesome Posters! 2.0
Awesome Posters!

I wandered through Artist's alley for a bit, this year, before I ended up getting caught up in a conversation with Sabrina O'Donnel, who's in town from Edmonton, and wanted to know what other conventions in town might be worth setting up shop at.  I could only offer one or two suggestions, and told her about an art collective in the Exchange District that might suit her purposes.  She has some pretty wicked stuff - here's a pin-up nude of Callie Maggotbone, for example:

But I did not buy a nude of Callie Maggotbone.  We chatted about how the series died too quickly, agreed that Undergrads should have gotten a second season too, and I went with this - Sugar Skull Pinup.

I think mostly because I watched Book of Life last week, which reminded me of how much I love Guacamelee and the whole day of the dead thing.

Oh, she was also selling cute little buttons.  I bought one with Jake's face (for me), one with a pixel-art heart container (for me), and one with Gunter (for Kayla).  If you don't know who Jake and Gunter are, you also won't understand why I bought Sarah Wilde's fantastic Romance Time.

'Cause everyone else gets it.

Then I went and paid perennial favorite Justin Currie a visit.  I have a ton of his stuff already, but all year I've known I wanted a copy of A Fine Lunch Sketch for the office.  And now, I have one.

As is tradition, upon leaving the 'Con I immediately regretted not buying another one of his pieces.  This year it's Fear My Song.

But that's what next year is for.  Oh man!  There was also a guy there with some amazing anime stuff, and his was buy-two-get-one-free, so I ended up with...

The actual one is much taller than this. I think he cuts off edges on his Deviantart so folks can't steal 'em.

See You Space Cowboy, and

Samurai Champloo and

Kill la Kill.  Awesome.

I checked out Ron Guyatt's booth again, but I'd already bought everyone of his that I wanted last year.  I checked out Con newcomer Echo Chernik, but I didn't end up as blown away as I'd hoped.  I returned to a smaller table I'd walked past earlier in the day, warm with water-colored whimsy, belonging to Gillian Newland.

I strode up and said "hello, I'd like a little girl swinging from a tyrannosaur, please."

She's got some other great stuff - some wonderful stuff is in her portfolio linked above that wasn't available at the Con - but she got an extra five dollars for throwing in this little gem called, simply, LSP.

And that was this year's Con!  I bought no toys whatsoever.

I'm so mature!

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