Friday, October 2, 2015

Hm. Dex looks like something I would play.

On Vita.  Obviously.

Kickstarted back in 2013, Dex pulled in just more than double its £14,000 target.  It launched on Steam in May of 2015 to middling critical reception, but received a warmer welcome from Steam reviewers - and on the 30th, developer Dreadlocks announced they'll be partnering with (publisher) Badland Indie to release the "Enhanced Edition" of the game on PS4, Vita, Xbox One and Wii U.

The Enhanced Version includes:

  • Manual saves anytime during gameplay 
  • New user interface and better support for gamepad 
  • Improved enemy AI 
  • Revamped AR and Cyberspace modes 
  • The possibility to use weapons while walking and crouching 
  • Support for Steam Achievements, Trading Cards and Badges 
  • German, French and Hungarian localization 
  • Better audio and sound effects 
  • Multiple other fixes and improvements
I'm hoping that all these little fixes will turn a halfway-decent game into a nice little genre nosh - plus it's been a while since I got down with a 2D platforming/brawling/adventure cyberpunk RPG.  I think the last time was... never. 

Dex will drop on consoles in 2016.

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