Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hoodies! Again!

Thirteen months ago, I scored a pair of hoodies representing two of the games I cherish most - Muramasa and Dragon's Crown.  They aren't officially licensed - not by a long shot - but they do represent the obscure arts that I adore, and so I'm happy and proud to have them.

Now, it's worth pointing out, neither of these hoodies have fallen apart on me.  They actually seem to be of reasonable quality, and they aren't coming apart at the cuffs as hoodies tend to do.  They're solid, is what I'm saying.

It's also worth pointing out that I'm not considered by anyone who knows me to be a "hoodie guy."  I don't wear sweat pants or track pants, I don't wear T-shirts.  Ever.  And if I walked into work wearing jeans - even on Fridays, when everyone wears jeans - everyone I work with would stop and feel the need to point it out that oh my God, Chance is actually wearing something casual on Friday.

I am a collared shirt and jacket or collared shirt and overcoat sort of fellow, but as winter rears its crisp and icy head, the hoodie-under-the-jacket look becomes necessary and even appealing.  So, today, I turned once again to Redbubble, of a mind to subtly endorse the gaming culture touchstones I so cherish.  Bloodborne has a lot of options.  A ton, really - but nothing involving a Hunter really spoke to me.

Creepy as fuuuuuu...

So this one with nice fan art of Vicar Amelia will have to do.  ...frickin' awesome boss fight.

Elsewhere, hoping against hope, I punched in the words Darkest Dungeon and - eureka! - actually found four options.  I went with these two because I don't need Pikachu in my Darkest Dungeon and the Plague Doctor one isn't very funny.

...and those should show up in three to seven business days!  Yayyy.

And now I'm... kinda' feelin' like I wanna' go play some Bloodborne, oddly enough...

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