Thursday, October 29, 2015

Is Dragon Fin Soup launching on November 3rd?

Short version: probably, yeah!

Remember Dragon Fin Soup?  Kinda' twisted fantasy world, tactical RPG with procerually-generated elements, Kickstarted in 2014.  They asked for twenty-four grand, the Internet gave them a hundred and twenty grand, which far surpassed the PS4, PS3 and Vita stretch goals.  Just yesterday, they threw up a new trailer reminding us that the game takes place in a world that exists on the back of a giant turtle, swimming its way through the multiverse.

Now, here's why I believe it's coming on the third.

#1: The above trailer is referred to as its launch trailer.

#2: Recent updates on the Kickstarter have suggested the game's PC launch is essentially good to go, but Sony seemed pretty passionate about the game, and convinced Grimm to wait for a simultaneous launch on all platforms and a six-language localization effort.  Why is this important?

Because the North American PlayStation Plus collection hasn't been announced yet.  Sony has said this is because they're still finalizing the lineup. Yesterday, Grimm indicated, via a Kickstarter update, that they would have "exciting news" - expected to be the release date - to share today.

But they shared no exciting news today.  Know why?   #3: Because Sony asked them not to.

So... a crazy Kickstarted procedurally generated tactical RPG for free, anyone?

Yes, please.

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