Sunday, October 11, 2015

Let's do some math! 2015 edition.

Every year - usually in August - I get out a calculator and figure out how much the Fall Rush of games will cost me.  The price tag usually flits between five hundred and a thousand, but I get the feeling fall 2015 won't be nearly as costly (or interesting).  There are two games, off the top of my head, that I'm super-hyped for - Darkest Dungeon's 1.0 release on Steam (a PC game stealing my heart.  Who'da thunk it?) and Fallout 4 for my PS4.

Other than that... myehhh.  But you never know.  Once we start actually looking at fall releases, the list could grow.  So let's see what we've got!

Okay, so... what we've got, basically, is RPGland.

I N D I E    U P D A T E

First up, indies.  What indies are coming down the pike is, as always, a crapshoot.  Often, lately, developers will remain mum on release dates until (at best) a few weeks prior to launch, and (often) a mere day or two before the game becomes available.  Tons of delicious-looking games are supposed to drop on Vita and PS4 this year - heck, a lot of them were supposed to appear this past spring, and then just went pretty silent - but a lot of cool stuff might come out this year.  Stuff like...

Stylish turn-based stealth-platformer Ronin was slated for launch on PS4 and Vita "late 2015," as of this past June.  Haven't heard anything since, but fingers crossed!  I'd play the crap out of it on Vita.

The Banner Saga
Originally announced as coming to PlayStation platforms in "early 2015," celebrated indie strategy title The Banner Saga did... not come out in early 2015.  In July, developer Stoic said it's simply taking longer than they expected, and offered apologies and assurances it would be an excellent experience when it lands on consoles.

Ray's The Dead
The cute story-driven zombie adventure's been on the stove for a while, now, and developer Ragtag announced in August that they'd landed a publisher deal with (of all people!) Adult Swim.  So... it's still coming!  One day!  Maybe!

The next thing from lovely Canadian studio Drinkbox, Severed is a first-person action/adventure/dungeon crawler.  Originally slated to drop this past summer, Drinkbox announced in July that they wanted a few more months for playtesting and tweaking.  ...and nothing's been heard since...

Supergiant Games' delectable bite-sized action-RPG will definitely hit Vita this year, if the dev's last statement on Twitter this past August is to be believed.  Yay!

Salt & Sanctuary
There's pretty much no way Ska Studios' 2D love letter to the Souls franchise will appear this year.  A few weeks ago they reconfirmed it's got no release window, so don't hold your breath.

Mercenary Kings
Hahahah I wish!

Not A Hero
OlliOlli developer Roll7's shooter landed successfully on Steam this past May, and we've not heard much of the promised Vita and PS4 versions since... but on October 5th, they said they're adding the "final touches" to the port - so it very well should drop this fall!

Remember the procedurally-generated space sim Drifter?  It's still out there - announced as "coming soon" to Vita and PS4 in 2013, the game went into Steam Early Access in 2014 and is still there.  It's currently at release 0.6.2, and yeah... the PlayStation Ports won't even get touched until it goes 1.0.

Inner City Kids
The groovy retro-pixel 90s/urban/punk XCOM riff was supposed to drop spring 2015 - but it didn't.  I haven't been able to find an update on a release window, so I've asked developer Jamo for a comment.

Nuclear Throne
Vlambeer's roguelike shooter has been on Steam Early Access since 2013.  Still hasn't gone full launch.  ...sigh...

YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG
The dev has reiterated several times that it'll drop "this winter," so keep hope alive!

So let's be generous and say... half of these come out between now and the end of December, and say they're twenty bucks each.  There's $120 for indies.

And now, on to disc-based games.

October 9th
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
The Uncharted collection has been earning stellar reviews, and nostalgia combined with the fact that yes, Uncharted 2 in particular is a frickin' incredible game, might push me into a purchase.
Maybe - $75.00

October 13th
Wasteland 2: Director's Cut
The modern spiritual sequel to not only 1988's Wasteland, but the original isometric Fallout titles, will drop on consoles this Tuesday.  With a more reasonable price, I'm actually pretty tempted...
Yes - $45

October 27th
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition
Fantasy RPG Divinity: Original Sin earned a ton of best-RPG plaudits when it dropped in 2014.  It's a modern spin on the classic RPG, and that is pretty darned appealing.
Yes - $60

October 27th
Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition
I'm actually more interested in Darksiders II's up-port than I am Uncharted's.  Aside from some pacing issues and a limping ending, the game's biggest problems were its bugs.  If those are fixed, I'm definitely down for some more Zelda-through-the-eyes-of-pulp-fantasy-comics.
Yes - $30

November 10th
Fallout 4
The only triple-A release of the fall that I'm interested in.  Bethesda has been pretty quiet on the actual story involved in Fallout 4, and we can rest assured that the game will be riddled with annoying little bugs, but... this is the next thing from the crew that made Fallout 3 and Skyrim.
I'm down for that.
Yes - $75

November 24th
Bloodborne: The Old Hunters
The expansion for one of 2015's best games offers more things to see and do and kill in Bloodborne.  That's all I need to know.
Yes - $20

December 15th
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Vita)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky was one of the most celebrated JRPGs in the final years and months of the PlayStation Portable, and Trails of Cold Steel is lined up to be the most important Vita game in the last half of 2015.  I don't have great success with falling in love with JRPGs, but - gosh darn it - I'll keep trying.
Yes - $50

Q4 2015
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus (Vita)
I went and tried one of those ridiculous, pandering Japanese games that's all about girls' breasts flopping everywhere and getting stripped down to their skivvies, and... it had really fun combat and presentation.  So I'm down for the sequel.
Yes - $50.

And now, for the math.

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut ($45)
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition ($60)
Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition ($30)
Fallout 4 ($75)
Bloodborne: The Old Hunters ($20)
Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel ($50)
Senran Karua: Estival Versus ($50)

= $330.00

Times 1.14% for taxes...

= $376.2


Not a Hero
YIIK and one other indie if we're lucky, at a generous at a generous estimate of twenty dollars each ($120).

= $496.20.  

That will be the least I've spent on the Fall Rush in yearrrs.



  1. Chance -

    Apparently, it was delayed to early next year on PS4, but have you heard of Enter the Gungeon? It's a top-down, beautifully animated roguelike shooter (like Binding of Isaac, a little bit?) that I think you'd really like. I can't wait for it. It was one of my favorite things I played at PAX East last year (along with Darkest Dungeon and Mini Metro, the latter of which you should also check out).

    1. Yeah :( PC and PS4 - no Vita version.


      But at least Vita's gettin' Necrodancer!