Sunday, October 4, 2015

Retail therapy.

Kayla and I spent the afternoon and early evening tooting around town.  I've never been able to find season 5 of Adventure Time on bluray in a store, but today the Internet told me that three HMVs in three malls across town had copies.  So - given that the plan was just to drive around and whatever - I called the one at the mall furthest away, and asked them to hold it for me.  Like a mini road-trip thing.

When we got to the mall, about fifty people were all just milling around outside the doors.  None of them knew what was going on, but a teenage girl told me her store was closed, though people were allowed in the mall.

We went in.  Turns out there was some kind of power outage that affected all the Interac and credit card machines, and the only store outside of the food court that wasn't shuttered was a Chapters - a big bookstore chain.  We decided to check it out.

I was hoping to find the next two volumes of the Hellboy series I've been buying, but no dice.  What I did find was The Complete Far Side.  I fucking love The Far Side, you have no idea.

For years, I'd had my heart set on The Complete Calvin & Hobbes, but they didn't have it - so the complete collection of one of my top-three all-time favorite comics would have to do.  Seriously, the one with the cats up there remains one of the funniest things I've ever seen or thought about.

What with the power failure, they were only accepting cash at the register, so I parted with $120 of my precious dollars, and called one of the other HMVs across town to see if they could hold Adventure Time for me.

They did.  We drove.  I snapped up the last copy they had of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and wandered over to the anime section.  And lo and behold, they had Fullmetal Alchemist: The Complete Series in a single package.

Now, you don't have to tell me that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is superior to the 2003 series.  I know it is.  It's better, funnier and follows the manga more faithfully - but the original FMA anime remains a classic, and the source of a lot of fond memories.  Fifty bucks for all five seasons?  Deal.

They also had the complete first season of Space Dandy.  ...never seen Space Dandy...

...but it's from the crew who made Cowboy Bebop, and - like buying Mitchiko E Hatchin sight-unseen, I'm prepared to give some creators the benefit of the doubt.  Deal.  Purchased.  Oh, right, didn't I come here for Adventure Time..?

So that was another two hundred bucks.

While we were at Chapters earlier in our tale, and I was poking about the humor section in search of Calvin & Hobbes, I pulled a few books I thought Kayla would like - Mindy Kaling's, and Felicia Day's.

She grabbed the first book in the Outlander series, and when I handed her these, she mulled them over for a few minutes and - to my surprise and delight - decided she'd get them all.  Tragically, as the registers only took cash, she couldn't buy them.  She asked them to hold on to them for her.

After our expensive visit to Chapters and our expensive visit to HMV (Kayla, also, spent about $200 there), we were due for some dinner, and decided on a restaurant that just-so-happened to be in the same parking lot as another Chapters.  I asked her if she wanted to go in and look for the books she couldn't buy earlier, and we decided to check it out.

She got her Outlander book, and I re-found the Kaling and Day books, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

If you don't know why this is so completely amazing and why you should be hella jelly of me right now, permit me to say this...

And that was my day.

My very, very expensive day.

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