Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stray dog sim Home Free coming to PS4.


PS Blog post.

Home Free's Kickstarter page. 

Also - every time I read about this game, I can't help thinking about The Fisher King.  Remember The Fisher King with Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams?  The gist of it is, relatively normal guy Jeff Bridges ends up becoming friends with off-his-meds homeless guy Robin Williams, and in classic movie formula, it gets to a point where he's all angry with Robin Williams and tells him to fuck off, so Robin Williams goes away and gets rolled by some asshole teenagers.  Then Jeff Bridges is in a meeting with some greasy TV executives, and they're pitching him a show where he's one of three homeless guys who just love the "freedom" of being homeless and Jeff Bridges freaks out on them and decides to go look for Robin Williams.  The name of the show they pitched Jeff Bridges was Home Free.

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