Thursday, October 15, 2015

The briefest of Game Diaries.

I put about ninety minutes into Wasteland 2 last night, and it's... frustrating, here and there.  I kept on trying to heal my one guy who was almost dead, and somehow all of my characters except the one who's good at healing kept healing themselves.  The combat, additionally, is... not very fun, so far.  Like at all.  It's tedious and - while very simple - confusing.  How much AP does it take to shoot my weapon?  Or reload?

I have no idea, but I know when I can't do any of those things, because it says "not enough AP."

I'll give it another shot in a few minutes.

Elsewhere, my lunch breaks yesterday and today were spent with Corpse Party: Blood Drive.  I have, at this point, put twice as much time into it as I did its sixteen-bit predecessors, and I'm actually digging it.  It's like ninety percent supernatural horror in visual novel form, and ten percent cute chibi polygonal characters wandering around Silent Hill-esque environment.

Oh, and Kayla got up to the first boss on Super Meat Boy.  That's better than I!

Also, who else watched the Fallout 4 live action trailer?

That is a complete waste of a trailer, and of a good song.  They should have taken the five hundred thousand dollars it cost to make that trailer and handed it to a promising indie dev.


  1. Correction...I BEAT the first boss!

  2. See, I really liked the trailer. Lousy CGI notwithstanding, it boiled 100 hours of fallout in 60 seconds.

    Just shooting super mutants with my dog jamming to oldies.