Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Quick impressions of Dragon Fin Soup.

It has heart, and it has character, but it doesn't seem to be a game that's gone through much - or any - playtesting.

There are weird decisions everywhere.  I can't press X on an item in my inventory to use or equip it, for example, I have to hit triangle.  Triangle brings up a little context-sensitive menu that gives me the option of eating the item, or equipping it, or selling it and so on.

I accidentally ate some pants earlier today, instead of selling them to a vendor for a few hundred gold.  Doing so damaged me for 150 HP - so it's a game I kind of love and hate at the same time.

I can feel it pulling me back in - I want to keep trying.  I want to understand why I steamrolled most of the enemies on this map, but these other enemies - which seem identical to all the others - just kick the shit out of me every time I breathe at them.

They killed my wolf.  I want to kill them, in return.

At the same time, it's so damned obtuse.  It feels - which is a strange choice, for a low-profile indie - like Dragon Fin Soup doesn't give a shit if you play it or not.  Or, if you were to try it, it doesn't give a shit if you enjoy it.  It's not for you, and that's why we don't have a tutorial that explains what the attack button is - and that its quest handling, inventory systems and simple controls were just kind of slapdashed together by the developer in the early days and never changed.  The dev just kept playing the game they'd made, got used to it, and never asked themselves if some of their choices were just kind of stupid and arbitrary.

Why can't I move with the analog stick?  Whyyy?  Why, when I go to shoot my gun, I get an aiming thing, but if I didn't notice I have the bomb selected and drop a bomb, the bomb just drops.  And, because I'm suffering from an immobilization spell, kills me.

It's a bit... headache-y.

I think I'll be down for some Darksiders tonight.  But I... might come back to this one.

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