Friday, December 25, 2015

A joyous post on Christmas Day!

You have three Christmas-themed musical options to accompany your bloggy browsing.  May I suggest Blue Christmas, Porky Pig's immortal cover of Elvis Presley's passable attempt at yuletide longing.

Alternately, the dulcet, feather-gentle Get Down for the Holidays by Jenny O, off a Christmas album that Target did like three years ago...

Or let's go a bit old-school with Dean Martin's Christmas Blues.  I'm a fan of the blues, but you probably knew that.

Now, have an acerbic Christmas comic, and let's unwrap these gifts!


I was able to do some fine gifting this year, if I do say so myself.  Kayla received a copy of Diablo III for PS4 of her very own and a pearl necklace (and that is not a euphemism - a literal necklace made of literal pearls from literal oysters - though she then made several euphemisms.)  Oh, and I also got her the Elvis Stitch Funko Pop.  She was emailing me about how it's too darned expensive and the shipping would put the price at like thirty bucks and I emailed back "whups my finger slipped and I ordered it oh well."

My Mother, who each year insists that she's got everything she needs and needs no things finally relented and admitted her zip-up sweaters were a bit threadbare, so I got her some +5 Cold Resist Supersweaters from Mark's Work Warehouse.  My Dad only wanted gift certificates to my Mom's favorite restaurant, so I got him gift certificates to my Mom's favorite restaurant and that Indian place they both love, and my older brother received a fully-paid preorder for Uncharted 4 (ninety-five bucks in Canada!!!), and The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.

As soon as I picked the above up for myself in October I felt... maybe guilty is the right word?  I immediately knew that he would be super-jelly of it, because if there's one person I know who loves Calvin and Hobbes more than I do, it's my big brother.  I felt a little wrong having it, when he did not.  So basically the day I bought it, I knew I was getting him a copy for Christmas.

On my end, Kayla nabbed me all the Star Wars movies.  Y'know those three-packs with all the original - well, "original," after Lucas mucked them up with his digital "improvements" - movies, and next to it you'll always see a three-pack with all the prequels?  She got me both!  Now I can watch the Falcon escape the Empire by successfully navigating an asteroid field in Empire to my heart's content, and that one sequence that... I think was in the second prequel movie... not sure... when Obi-Wan is flying through an asteroid field and these awesome sonic charges are going off and tearing through all the space rocks?  Love that part.

I never realized 'till now just how much I appreciate a good asteroid field navigation, but God help me, I do.

I also have a weird habit of gifting stuff to myself around Christmas, mostly because it just doesn't feel like Christmas without some hot new toy or bit of extraneous swag that I really don't need but totally want.  For years, I'd been squeezing a rotating selection of my music library onto a 16GB iPod Nano - which is a fine little device - but I wanted to... y'know, not have to delete entire albums and artists off it when I wanted to roll around in a few new albums, rooting for gems.

So I went and picked myself up a... well, that's not true.  I went down to the Apple store with Kayla and asked them about something with 32GB of storage.  The 16GB Nano is like $140, so the next step up shouldn't be that much mo-THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS?!

Three hundred fucking dollars for an iPod Touch with 32 gigs of storage.  And I don't even want an iPod touch - I don't need all the frickin' apps and stock market prices and all the shovelware they load on there.  All it needs to do is play music and jack into my sound system at work, but nooo.  They don't make Nanos with 32 gigs of storage, so the only option is to go for a seriously-twice-as-much iPod Touch.

The sticker shock pelted me across the face, and I walked out of the store with Kayla, dumbfounded.


Then, two days later, I went back and paid almost five hundred bucks for a 64GB iPod Touch with Apple's plus-one-year replacement plan, cause if I'm paying half a grand for a fucking music player, I really don't want the 3.5mm jack to crap out before 2019.  I went home and dumped everything on to it, and filled up juuust over half of its storage capacity - so skipping the 32GB version was a good call.

So I got Star Wars, a hot new, obscenely overpriced MP3 player, and... oh - and the Dragon's Crown soundtrack showed up on Wednesday, so that's pretty cool.

And maybe the microphone I bought for podcasts with Chamberlain counts too.

So in terms of stuff, Christmas was generous, this year.

Now, to see if I can get Kayla into a theater showing Krampus...

Oh, and here's a Christmas HAWP!