Friday, December 4, 2015

Double Fine is crowdfunding. Again.

Far and away the most interesting thing to happen at The Game Awards (not counting Jade Raymond totally dissing Kojima and Keifer - that was awesome, but Sutherland's been a class act about this whole thing so I feel kinda' bad for him).

Look, I'm as happy as anyone to see the words "Psychonauts 2" in actual print, relating to an actual game that (in all likelihood) will actually get made, but at what point will Double Fine become... I don't know, solvent enough to make their next game using the profits from their last game?

Doubling down on that kind-of-iffy sentiment is the fact that Psychonauts 2's crowdfunding is happening on Fig, which was created by Double Fine to get around American laws which prohibit crowd-funded projects from sharing profits from said project with backers.  It's a good, solid concept, but it feels a bit like they're using Psychonauts' (well-deserved) cult favorite status to bring attention to the not-often-used crowdfunding portal.

On most hands, this is a good thing, and I'm happy Psychonauts 2 will (probably) get made.  I'm happy folks supporting it will get to actually feel like they're part of Double Fine's business, and I'm terribly curious to learn what an investment of $1,000.00 would earn you back on something like this.

I'm also terribly curious if Notch is involved in any way, 'cause three million does not a 3D action-platformer make.

...but I'm into it too.

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  1. yeah, Kiefer had nothing to do with any of this. I feel bad for him too.