Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nights of Azure might come to Vita in the west after all...

Nights of Azure - originally announced as Yoru no Nai Kuni or, literally, "the land without night." is coming west - for PS4.  Koei Tecmo announced months ago that the lovely-looking sexy action-RPG from Gust, creators of the insanely long-running Atelier series of JRPGS, would get localized for the new-gen console, and it's due out in late March/early April for NA and EU, respectively.

When they announced its localization back in September, fans took to social media to beg the company to localize the Vita version as well - but they only said they'd consider it.  Today, it seems, they're considering it.

Or at least, they are if the three polls Koei Tecmo Europe tossed up on their Twitter feed today are any indication.  First,




So... who knows?  Action-RPGs are my favorite kind, so I'm naturally attracted to the idea of a high-end one to play on my Vita.  Today I tried one of those first-person dungeon crawlers for the first time ever and did not care for it, but hey, Atelier Escha & Logy Plus is coming in January, and Trails of Cold Steel is dropping on December 22nd, so at least I won't be hurtin' for more interesting RPG choices on my Vita. if anyone is ever hurting for RPGs on Vita.  But here's hopin' for one more!

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