Saturday, December 5, 2015

PSX: The Important Bits.

This year's PlayStation Experience was not quite as earth-shattering as last year's, with all the wonderful reveals of games that still haven't come out (I'm lookin' at you, PS ports of Banner Saga), but there was some super nice stuff.  It kicked off with another gorgeous new cutscene for Uncharted 4, and then slowed right down.  For literally the first half-hour of the show, there was nothing newsworthy, as they talked about DLC for already-released games and revealed the final character for Street Fighter V.

Then they showed this...

And it's not just prerendered.  It's real.  It's really real, actually running and here's combat and here's in-engine gameplay and the Final Fantasy VII Remake is looking fiiine.

They announced Zodiac for PlayStation platforms - PS4 and Vita.

Had my eye on that one for a while, and it's no, y'know, Grand Kingdom or Exist Archive announcement, but it'll do.

Then Tim Schafer came out told us that the Day of the Tentacle remaster would drop on PS4 and Vita would drop in March, 2016.  He showed a new trailer, but that's not all...

Full Throttle is getting the remaster treatment, and it's also coming to PS4 and Vita!

Then they announced that Yakuza 5 would drop on PS3 next Tuesday, and Sony are localizing Yakuza Zero for PS4.

Oh, also - and most-thrilling for yours truly - two of the Vita's most-anticipated indies are... out today!

...and Bastion is like three bucks with PS+!  (Or free if you already have it on PS4.)  Honestly, this is the star of the show, for me.

Sony also got into bed with Torchlight developer Runic Games, annnd Hob is coming to PS4.  Looks like my cup of tea, and probably yours too, if you're into that whole gorgeous platformer-adventure thing.

Finally, the last big announcement of the show was a biggie.  Ni No Nuki II is real and happening and here's a gorgeous trailer.

I didn't even like Ni No Kuni all that much, but this trailer made me tear up.  I'm down for that.

In other, smaller news,

Annd that's it.  So the big news - Ni No Kuni II, Yakuza Zero, Hob, Full Throttle, Zodiac and FFVII Remaster is real, we promise, and a pair of cool Vita games finally came out. 

That was PSX!

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