Monday, December 7, 2015

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus' Endless Summer edition is actually the most interesting news of the day.

Yeah Final Fantasy VII Remake will be episodic - but as judgy as we all are towards Squenix, let us not count that chicken before it's hatched.  Might work out just fine.

 So, Estival Versus.

As one should, I imagine - I feel a little skeevy even posting about it.  XSEED haven't offered a release date for the jiggly PS4/Vita brawler (it was supposed to release around... oh, nowish - but hasn't, and won't), but today they announced that if you buy a physical copy of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, you'll be taking home the Endless Summer edition ($59.99 on PS4, $49.99 on Vita).   If you buy it digitally, you'll pay less for the basic game - $50 and $40, respectively.  So, what does the extra ten dollars get you?  More than just a case and a cart, that's for sure.

XSEED tend to be... thoughtful with their special editions.  Corpse Party: Blood Drive, for example, came with a (rather gruesome!) art book and a pleasantly-packaged soundtrack - not one of those little cardboard slip case deals, either - and Estival Versus will be no different.  For an extra ten dollars, you get...
  • Art book (see: "art book.")
  • A "randomly chosen set of 2.5" by 3.5" art cards
  • A 2-disc soundtrack. 
And, again, going by what XSEED have provided in the past, all of this will be of a darned reasonable high quality.  

Thank goodness for XSEED, Aksys, Atlus and NIS America.  Without them, the Vita would be nothing but indies - and I love indies (OMG Bastion on Vita is frickin' awesome), but I also love full-size games on the go.   Coming Q1 2016.

So the question is, will I be spending an extra ten bucks?  

Yes.  Yes I will.  Because the last one was hella fun, and that's pretty much the end of it.  Is its sexualization way over-the-top to the point of being severely uncomfortable at times?  Yes.  Is it a good-looking, fun, light brawler on the go?  Yes.

While we're on the subject of "fanservice" games, y'know which one I'm not at all sad isn't getting a North American release?  Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.  

When news dropped that the boob-centric volleyball game wouldn't come to North America, but would get an English-localized release in the Asia market, my curiosity became piqued.  Any game with an English Asian release becomes a bit more interesting, because it won't appear in North American stores, and is therefor rare.   So I watched a vid - the first one that popped up when I punched in "Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Vita." And immediately decided I would never touch it.  

The thing is, it might be the funnest volleyball game of all time (and indeed, a big part of what gave the first DoA Xtreme Beach Volleyball crossover appeal was the fact that it was a solid game, and that's ninety per cent of why I loved Shinovi Versus), but DoA's breast physics are just... awful.  Like, if you're going to do something (and both Senran Kagura and DoA are doing it up to the Nth degree), do it at least passably well.  Senran Kagura's no medical simulation, but it makes DoA:X3's chesticles look like the horrible offspring of a night of passion between a water bed and Flubber.  Remember Flubber?

Anyway, yeah.  I'm down to beat the crap out of wildly impractical ninjas again.  One of the new girls is a Taiko drummer!

First, I love how happy she is to be wailing on those drums.
Second, man I wish I could embed HTML5 code.

[update]Bow to the master, everyone.  Endless, I mean.  Not me, obv. [/update]


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