Thursday, December 24, 2015

This is why we love XSEED.

Well it's one reason, at least.

This gorgeous folding-book-kind-of box - wait, let me find a better picture...

You crack it open, and the art book fills up the top of the box.  It's got little bios for every character, and I've made sure not to go too deep into it for fear of spoilers.  Beneath that is a nice, high-quality pin with the symbol of the empire the game takes place in, and beneath the pin is, finally, the game.

We hear - once a week, it seems - that the Vita is a dead platform, but publisher XSEED (and their contemporaries at Atlus, NIS America, Aksys Games and so on) seem to manage a pretty tidy business in catering to the North American enthusiast.  They know we love stuff like this - little curios and most of all art books and a physical cart to put on our shelf - and somehow, they're making enough bank to keep doing it.  There's a special edition for Atelier Escha & Logy Plus next month, and the next Senran Kagura's Cup Size+1 Edition is on the horizon...


  1. The packaging alone on this game has me really interested in what it's all about. I just think it looks so nifty. The game itself, I'm not too sure about, so please let us know what you think of it after you've played a little more (Game Diary?). I was a huge fan of Persona 4 Golden and I love RPGs, but I'm not sold, for whatever reason. But damn, I want that Limited Edition box.

    1. Well, the Legend of Heroes series is kind of Dragon Quest-ish in the west. Like Ys, it's a series that's been going on for a decade, but we never got it over here. They are... pretty traditional, as JRPGs go. They're not pushing graphical (FF) or thematic (SMT) or mechanical (Resonance of Fate) boundaries like some other JRPGs like to - they're just givin' you that good 'ol JRPG comfort food.

      I'll snuggle into it a bit and fire off a post on it (in a few days!).

    2. Hm... Okay. Sounds somewhat promising. Maybe not a "must play now," but I can throw it on the list for something to consider down the road, when I get through all of these backlog games. I just love that packaging so damn much. And I'm an all-digital guy. But that gold!

    3. Played for a few hours today, got to the end of Chapter 1. Social mechanics are just opening up. Impressions so far: very positive. Traditional, but totally endearing.