Friday, December 11, 2015

Yet more Odin Sphere Leifthrasir trailers!

Today Atlus and Sony Japan are highlighting the differences between playing the HD remake's Classic mode and all the new mechanics and content of Leifthrasir via two gameplay videos that basically show the first few minutes of starting hero Gwendolyn's adventure - ten minutes each ain't much time, but the vids make it very, very clear just how much has been changed, updated and improved with Leifthrasir.  

If you long for the two-gens-ago gameplay of old-school Odin Sphere, Classic mode is the exact same game, just with way prettier presentation and a far smoother framerate.

If, on the other hand, you want all the new combat moves, alchemy recipes, NPCs, enemies and areas that Leifthrasir is adding to that venerable formula... well, you're gonna' have a helluva time.

Vanillaware also announced today via Twitter that the soundtrack for Leifthrasir is coming - which I was really hoping for, because I never managed to snag the soundtrack to the first game (note how the title song is slightly different in the two vids above - I wonder if this OST will have both?).

At the moment, the only place to order Leifthrasir's soundtrack is via Atlus Japan's storefront, which is super-unfriendly to an English-centric consumer.  Here's hopin' it also ends up at CDJapan, like the Dragon's Crown OST.

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