Tuesday, January 5, 2016

All Games Beta's owner is looking to sell.

The first gorgeous, awesome All Games Beta header I fell in love with.
I don't know its name, but I like to call it Schoolgirl Gunfight.

All Games Beta is one of the best gott-damned places in the world for video game news.  It started out as All Games Alpha a lonnng time ago.  The original All Games Beta was promptly shut down over copyright concerns (it posted a lot of magazine scans), but it returned via a new owner, who permitted the site's steward - an enigmatic champion of knowledge known only as Endless - to continue their good works.

And what good works they are.

Endless doesn't post opinions.  All Games Beta doesn't feature editorials on sexism in games, or reviews, or any media perspective whatsoever.  What it offers is the highest-quality trailers and screenshots, straight from a developer or publisher's PR department.  If Squenix releases a bunch of screenshots for the next Final Fantasy, every other site (this one included!) will muscle in some of their own flavor, commentary or insight.

Endless just posts the screens, lets you have your own opinion on it, and says nothing.

Today, Endless tweeted this:

S/he also revealed today what happened after the first All Games Beta (dot-info) was taken down, and All Games Beta (dot-com) popped up in its place.  The domain was purchased by a benefactor who permitted Endless to continue doing exactly what s/he did before - post pure, raw information - and even paid our anti-journalistic hero a monthly stipend for services.  Now, though, that owner intends to sell the site.

So what are we, as adoring disciples of Endless and that pure, sweet information drip to do?

Nothin'.  Don't worry about it.

"Start a Patreon!" fans have cried.  "Nope," says Endless.

"How much money is does the site even make?" folks ask.  It doesn't make a dime.  Endless has never put up a single ad on All Games Beta.  It's like a... public service for gamers.

If someone else buys the site and wants Endless to keep on keeping on, that's what Endless will do.

If they buy the site and tell Endless to take a hike, Endless will just start over with a new site.  Maybe All Games Omega.

And as soon as that happens, what is literally the sixth site in my bookmarks toolbar will be instantly replaced with whatever Endless does next.

We heart you Endless!



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  2. I heart Endless. Honestly I never new about him for too long, though AGB was run by a team. But I would refresh/visit the site religiously. The only problem is where can I find info to seek his continued work. His/her resource gathering was amazing, and I miss it. I'm keeping my broken link and my dud youtube sub till he pops up again