Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ohmy****ingGod look at this Okami statue.

Twelve inches tall,

seventeen-point-five inches long,

and you can get it with LEDs in Amaterasu's reflector so the flames light up.

Due out Q3 2016, and a touch under four hundred dollars.  I am, now and forever, insanely jealous of whoever picks one of these up.  Okami is just, y'know, a masterpiece, one of my favorite games of all time and something that should be shared with every generation, but whatever.

You can preorder it here.  Twenty bucks down, $100 two months before shipping, $100 one month before shipping, and the rest just before it ships.

Siiigh look at how byoootiful... and yes, your eyes do not deceive you - that is Issun sitting on top of Ami's reflector.

There are two different versions - one with LEDs in the reflector, and one (slightly cheaper) without.




  1. Hey chance i found this stature that... oh.

    Oh... I see you already... yes.

  2. Yes. Statue. Also I saw Krampus. It was a lot more Gremlins than I expected. Not bad! Not great.