Monday, February 22, 2016

Heyhey, looks like Axiom Verge Vita is comin' along!

Check out this blog post from Axiom Verge dev Thomas Happ.  Or see below for the short version!

It's been a nice couple of months for developers speaking to their fans in an open (Banner Saga) and honest (Skullgirls) way, and not in a shitty trying-to-be-funny-and-failing (Not A Hero) way.  Today's turn at the plate, indie dev Thomas Happ, responsible for charming original-Metroid riff Axiom Verge.

The PS4/PC release of Axiom Verge was around a year ago, and the PS4 version was cross-buy with the Vita version - which is a lot more meaningful when there's an actual Vita version to cross with your buy.  Whelp.  Axtiom Verge still ain't out yet, and it still hasn't gone gold - but here it is, actually running on a Vita - which Happ assures us is the biggest, most time-consuming part of the process.

Then - and this is... completely unique, in my experience - he shows us the current critical bug list for the game.  Anything with "critical" importance is, one hundred per cent, going to be fixed before the game is put in front of Sony's QA.  The rest?  Well, it'd be nice.

Happ notes,
"The proper way to read this is not to add up all of the different timeframes to come up with the total time. Many of these things will happen in parallel. For example, fixing the graphics glitches is part of general QA. Fixing the memory issues will also help with load times. And so on. In fact, when I first started drafting this update, the list was quite a bit longer. In the time it took me to record the video, the to do list had shrunk by about a third."
So... it might not be too far off at all.  Huzzah!

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