Monday, February 8, 2016

Oh no. GameTrailers is... gone.


This is awful.

I love GameTrailers.  They're one corner of my mainstream gaming media Triforce, along with Kotaku and Eurogamer.  They always came across as so honest and genuine.

This fucking sucks.  GameTrailers reviews were... honestly the only mainstream video game reviews that I ever took seriously!  I read other reviews to see what someone thinks - I watched a GameTrailers review to discover how good a game actually is - if that makes sense.

Their E3 coverage was second to none.  It was amazing.

Brandon Jones - current Editor in Chief and GameTrailers founder:

Ben Moore - resident weaboo:

Elyse Willems - resident Canadian (who nabbed a new job at Funhaus a few months ago):

Marcus Beer - resident crotchety old guy (he's also been gone for a while, now):

And... and Kyle Bosman and Michael Huber and Daniel Bloodworth and...

...fuck, man.  If you want to watch the last-ever GameTrailers live stream, it'll be right here on Twitch in about forty minutes.


  1. Didn't THIS come out of absolutely f**king nowhere?


  2. If it's devastating to hear this just as a fan, I can't imagine how it is for them to be out of a job so instantaneously...

    I hope we'll be seeing them working online very soon.

  3. I watched that livestream last night, and at the end Brandon Jones gave a little speech. He's always just been the nicest guy in the world - people who've been fired by him go on to say just how lovely he is, and how (like Eddard Stark) he refused to let anyone else pull the trigger if bad news had to be presented. He wouldn't pawn that off.

    So at the end, he's giving this little mini-speech, and talking about how - straight out of College - he started GT with an entrepreneur friend, and how he was personally terrified because he'd never had another job in his entire life. And how when he broke the news to everyone in the office earlier that day, he was a rock, and the whole day, he didn't break, but now - as he's addressing the site's fans, live, on their last livestream - he began to break down crying.

    Then they went and grabbed the (FFXIII) Lightning standie from the office, gathered around it, and had a group hug.

    I'm just... super, super sad about this :(