Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Risk of Rain reconfirmed for PS4. AND VITA.

Annnd Vita.

This post dropped over on the PlayStation Blog today, reiterating that the righteous Roguelike is coming to my favorite platform, along with a trailer that makes Risk of Rain look way more polished and fun than it did back when I was first hyped for it.

Also, it'll be cross-buy, so one price gets you both the PS4 and Vita version.

Also the Vita version will release day-and-date with the PS4 version!  No delay!

Also it sounds like however you wanna' co-op this thing, developer Hopoo wants to let you.
But what would Risk of Rain be without playing with friends? Now you can play on the couch, and on the internet — all at once! While we still have the four-player local co-op available in Risk of Rain, you can now play online lobbies while sharing a machine with your friend — up to two per machine. Wanna just play online instead? You can also invite your friends into your lobby through PSN to get all your game buddies into one lobby.

“But Duncan, what if my friend is on PS Vita and I’m on PS4?” No worries — we know that people prefer playing on their own platform, so now we also have cross-platform online support between PS Vita and PS4. That means that both a player sitting on the couch on his PS4 and a player on the bus playing on his PS Vita can enjoy Risk of Rain chaos — together.

It's supposed to come "early 2016."  But now is early 2016!  Either way, I am pleased as punch.

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