Thursday, February 25, 2016

Senran Kagura drops March 15th in North America.

Wow, when they said "soon" yesterday, they really meant it!

Katsuragi as your mascot.  The correct choice.

And here's another new trailer from (North American publisher) XSEED - which is a lot lighter on the T&A than yesterday's European announcement trailer.

Although this trailer focuses entirely on the new fighters to the SK roster, ignoring my favorites in the Hanzō and Gessen schools, there's a lot of reasons to prefer it over the EU trailer.

(1) it actually suggests a bit of the story.
(2) it showcases character.
(3) what action there is is rendered in far superior fidelity, here.  It really annoyed me that the combat shown in yesterday's trailer was like all artefacted and blurry.  XSEED understand that a big part of the reason to love these games is, in fact, the action, and put it front-and-center.
(4) while the focus is on the action and the new characters, is doesn't ignore the sexuality - it puts it right out there for the viewer to see, doesn't dwell on it, and lets them be the judge.

Good on ya, XSEED.

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