Monday, February 29, 2016

Xenoraid announced for PS4.

Annnd Vita.

I actually really enjoy shmups, but I loathe bullet hell games.  Xenoraid is an answer to that.

About one hundred percent of the currently-available deets seem to be included in this PlayStation Blog post,  Basically, it's a twin-stick shooter with limited bullet-dodging, emphasizing landing critical shots on your foes, with a weapon overheating mechanic.  All that's well and good, but who's making this game, and what have they done in the past?

The answer is a bit gratifying - the studio is 10 Ton Ltd - and don't worry, it's okay that you've never heard of them.  The thing is, they've actually made a lot of games, but the only one I'd heard of previously was (twin-stick shooter) Crimsonland, which peaked at a 68 metascore for its PC version.

So worth waitin' for reviews.  Worth keepin' an eye on.

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