Friday, March 11, 2016

Hey, Hellraid is still on the stove at Techland!


"Dark fantasy Hellraid was announced in 2013 and scheduled for release last year until it was postponed due to Dying Light commitments. With lead character Aiden voiced by Nolan North and a well-received mobile puzzler developed by Shortbreak Games set in the universe, it seems Techland remain invested. “It’s been quite far in some places,” says Marchewka. “We put it on hold because we have bigger plans for this game, but it’s not cancelled!”"-source-

Bigger plans, you say?  Oh yez.  I can dig it.  I wonder if this is what they're going to be workin' on while they "support Dying Light for the next year."


  1. yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    I was actually pretty hurt when they shelved it, just imagine the resources dying allows them. I bet they started over from scratch,made it's bones fancier.

    1. Yeah I'm pretty damned thrilled about this, m'self. But it's Techland! Anything with the Techland logo on it is either going to get an instant buy or a real, real long look.