Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hmmm check out the Seraph announcement trailer.

Comin' to PS4.  And not Vita because God hates me.

So the deal here is, auto-aim is always on.  The game is entirely about movement, evasion, using your supers and (I think) choosing when to pull the trigger.   It also has an auto-tuning difficulty level - the better you play, the harder it gets, the better the rewards for killing demons becomes.

Quote from the dev:
"“But, Daniel, if you don’t aim isn’t the game just easy-mode-auto-win casual fodder?”

Another excellent question from our astute PlayStation fans! The answer is of course not. Because the player doesn’t have to aim we instead allow them to focus on all of the stuff that matters more: evading exploding pillars of flame, sliding down a wall firing an SMG one-handed, and cartwheeling over a boss whilst simultaneously unloading a shotgun shell into its demonic face. Because the player doesn’t have to aim we have room to make this kind of gameplay really challenging!

This is what playing Seraph is all about — looking and feeling amazing."
Hm!  You have my curiosity, Seraph.  More deets here.

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