Friday, March 4, 2016

No Man's Sky launches June 21st.

Behold this glorious box art!  Behold it!!!


And yes, it's coming physically!  On PS4.  It's not coming physically to PC, but PC players get this bitchin' limited edition with that somewhat-iconic little ship.

For a hundred and fifty bucks, you can order the above PC LE from iam8bit, which nets you...
• PC game code (via Steam or GOG) - $60 value
• Hand-painted, Cast Metal Ship Replica (1:35 scale) w/ decals for customization - $125 value
• Hard-enamel Traveller Pin - $10 value
• Diorama Display Backdrop - $5 value
• Mystery Item (revealed at launch) - $10 value
• A Rad Box - priceless!
• Package Design by Austin James
First, I feel like calling your little ship with decals a $125 value is a bit arbitrary.  Second, I feel like not including a physical copy of the game is some straight up bullshit.  Thankfully I won't have to deal with that malarky on PS4.

The No Man's Sky limited edition is pretty sparse, to be honest, and is kind of keeping with those meh-worthy LEs we sometimes get out of third-party Sony Exclusives like Bloodborne.  You get a steelbook case, a tiny 48-page art book, some sort of little comic, and a code for some in-game boosters (trader +charisma, et cetera).

Still - a physical copy of No Man's Sky for my very own?

Yes please.  Oh, and while No Man's Sky is listed at $60 on Amazon, a separate listing for the PS4 LE doesn't have a price on it yet.

Here's Sean Murray's announcement of the physical version, and a bunch of journalists were each given a half-hour to go hands-on with the game.  They weren't able to record any new footage, but they are able to talk about what they experienced over some new stock footage that was provided to all journalists.  So what we get are a half-dozen sites showing the same footage while they themselves say different things over top of said footage.

And thanks to Endless for gathering up all those vids into one convenient location.

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