Tuesday, March 15, 2016

No time!

Lotsa' news coming out of GDC today, but I think the most important thing is that I was right about the price of PlayStation VR - $399 USD or like $550 Canadian.  More deets in the link (and at any other gaming website in the world).  Worth noting: that doesn't include the price of the EyeToy, which you're gonna' need if you wanna' use the thing.  So saying it costs $400 is kind of like saying a PlayStation 4 costs $340 but oh you want to control games on it well you're gonna' need to buy this DualShock thingie...

Also worth noting, Chamberlain was totally right about Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy coming back to voice Joker and Batman in a new Killing Joke animated film.  Woot!

And I just got home, I've got my copies of Estival Versus and Salt and Sanctuary is waiting to go on my PS4 so g'night!

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