Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Yay! Fallen Legion is coming to Vita!

This was actually revealed by @GameOverGreggy through Kinda Funny Games in a stream yesterday - and none of the other sites have picked it up, weirdly enough.  So Fallen Legion is kinda' like... it looks like the combat of Indivisible (see: Valkyrie Profile-esque), also entirely 2D.

Now, Mr. Greggy does make the unforgivable faux pas of suggesting this reminds him of the divine glory that is Dragon's Crown.  Which is fucked.  But he also gave me a Vita port reveal, so I'll let it slide.

This time. Anyway, back to Fallen Legion.  I can dig it!  I can definitely dig it, just please don't release it in June I already have enough on my June plate, thank you!

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