Monday, April 11, 2016

Chamberlain & Chance 17: we'll call it a draw.


Chamberlain and Chance - We'll call it a draw

Chamberlain does that, I do this, and you can find the podcast on iTunes!

  • Chamberlain actually played a Souls-like!
  • Chance can kill that boss that some other dude couldn't kill!  
  • The most compelling thing about Nights of Azure has nothing to do with cup size. 
  • What legendary and long-working actror's name escapes both our heroes?
You'll have to tune in to find out!  

Just kidding, it's Linda Hunt.  Linda Hunt. 

[update] Oh, and this is the pivotal, climactic scene Chamberlain referenced in FLCL (Foolie Coolie).

Now, as you'll hear (or heard) in the podcast, Chamberlain feels this is the triumphant moment when Takka seizes his adulthood and asserts himself as a man.  Chance feels it is the culmination of a series that is built upon the cornerstone of a young boy waltzing through a fantasy world where all women are either your mother, or present themselves as freely-available sexual partners.

And I quote from this scene:

"Wow. I didn't know boys felt like this inside."

"Don't touch me from behind there!  Don't be so rough!"

"C'mon, hurry up and whip it out."

"If I rush, I won't be able to do it...  What's that?"

"Your bat. ... Now if you do it it the way I showed you, you'll be fine.  Look, it's coming!"

And then, Takka became a man.



  1. There is also a baseball scene earlier in which Naota never swings. He is so firmly in his brother's shadow (the brother who went to America to play baseball) that he cannot even make an attempt at the ball.

    This time, when it really mattered, Naota swung. He stepped out from his brother's shadow and became his own person, growing up in the process. The sexual innuendo the comes before is not the point. If you can get past the grotesque boobage of Senran Kagura and enjoy the action game underneath why does the double entendre of this pivotal scene trip you up so?

    And the music is really good, too. :P

  2. It's funny! I mostly enjoy grillin' it because you like it ^.^ I enjoy double entendres more than is reasonable, to be honest.

    Also I love Kill la Kill, so I'm hardly one to talk.