Monday, April 11, 2016

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked is comin' to PS4 and One.

Shipwrecked, it's worth noting, wasn't made by (my beloved) Klei Entertainment.  It was entirely handled by Capy Games, who were given carte blanche by Klei to do what they wanted for an expansion.  What Capy wanted was to take the game to the sea, and (if you love Don't Starve as I love Don't Starve), this looks pret-ty damned awesome.

Oh noes!  The fearsome Catfish!

I can play as a monkey?!  Day one!

Shipwrecked is basically Don't Starve with new everything.  New biomes, new creatures and a ton more new stuff to build to assist with your survival - most noteworthy being the option to craft seaworthy vessels to explore its oceanic wilderness.  You'll get a few more deets at the PlayStation blog post (with another reminder that Don't Starve Together is still coming to PS4), but if you love Don't Starve in the exact same way I love Don't Starve, you love Don't Starve specifically on Vita.

Well... there's hope.

So if you felt a pressing need to bug Capy Games and Klei Entertainment on Twitter about bringing Shipwrecked to Vita, you could just call it my Christmas present!

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