Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Enter the Gungeon became profitable after less than a day.

Let's see how its Metascore is lookin'... eighty-three on PS4!  (85 on PC.)  But only seven reviews at the moment.

I checked it out last night and Kayla was so enamoured with its charms she asked me to play it some more when we got home from a little excursion that may have included obtaining Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  (Spoiler: it did include that.)

For my brief impressions of the game, I will say that its presentation, writing, animations and what little story there is are intensely charming.  Gameplay itself is fun, fast, frantic, tactical, cool and snappy, and it is hard as balls.  As a good Roguelike should be.

Don't worry, I already told Chamberlain he'll hate it.


  1. Have you beaten a level 2 boss yet? I may never do that!

  2. Nope - but I'm hopefully stickin' with Salt for for now.