Monday, April 18, 2016

Multipost! MULTIPOST!

I have little time and less energy.  Let's break it down quickfast.

Let It Die got a teaser trailer for PAX.  Zero gameplay.

A source leaked the existence of a Batman collection for new-gen consoles to Eurogamer.  It'll include Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.  You know - the good ones.  Plus all their DLC.

The phrase 'Dead Don't Ride' has been bandied about on Twitter quite a bit, today.  Rumor has it it's a driving/survival game in which the undead are somehow involved, made by Sony Bend.

Also announced today, Dark Souls III is the most successful day-one launch of any Namco Bandai title in the west, ever.  Here, have a new accolades trailer with another excellently-chosen song.

Insomniac's small Metroidvania Song of the Deep is coming to PS4, One and PC on July 12th, and here's a trailer.

Insomniac also has three titles in development for VR.  Now you'll recall Insomniac's Song of the Deep is going to be the first game published by GameStop.  GameStop unveiled the name of its publishing arm today - GameTrust - with this vaguely Japanese-lookin' logo:

They also announced that beyond Insomniac's offering, they've signed three other studios...

  • Frozenbyte, creators of Trine
  • Ready at Dawn, of The Order: 1886 and God of War: Ghost of Sparta and
  • Tequila Works, whom you'll remember recently re-obtained the rights to their adventure game Rime after Sony supported its development for a year or more with little-to-no progress being made on the actual game. 
So good luck, GameTrust!  I'll be pretty curious to see what Ready at Dawn's workin' on. 

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