Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Okay, so HERE's what's in the Galak-Z Indiebox. Also Season 5 is coming soon!

You may recall Chamberlain asked me on the podcast this week what, precisely, came with the Galak-Z Indiebox.  I admitted I didn't know, but I'd seen enough unboxings of other Indieboxes to know that whatever it was, if it was Galak-Z related, it would be worth the price of admission to yours truly.

Yesterday, 17-Bit threw up a blog post that sheds a bit more light on the subject.  Specifically, the Galak-Z Indiebox will feature...

  • "collectibles"
  • a copy of the original soundtrack
  • a full color game manual
  • a Steam key
  • a DRM-free copy of the game
  • "and even more surprises!"
And most of that sounds great, but one aspect of that sounds worth the price of admission, all on its own - a copy of the Galak-Z OST.  That's frickin' awesome.  That's all I want and need, because as you get further into Galak-Z's seasons, the music becomes absolutely gorgeous. 

Oh, and speaking of Galak-Z's seasons, it sounds like 17-Bit are (finally!) talking a bit about the long-delayed Season 5.  What's up with the long-delayed Season 5?  Well, now it's in beta. 

And it seems like the Indiebox crew will be using the new content to hype their release of the game - they're giving access to "an exciting NEW gameplay mode that's never been seen before" to streamers who'll show it off. 

So Season 5 of Galak-Z is probably comin' soon!  

Note: The "Seasons" of Galak-Z function as both swatches of story and as difficulty levels.  If Season 5 is actually a leap in difficulty akin to the difference between 1 and 2, 2 and 3 and 3 and 4?  

It will never be completed by anyone ever. Still.  Hyped. 

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