Friday, April 29, 2016

Worth reading - explaining Hob.

Hob is one of those lovely-looking indies we were all comfortably pleased with when Sony announced it at some conference or another.  We saw lovely worlds and puzzle-platforming and a little dude with a giant hand - but what's the deal?  What's the game's gameplay and structure, really?

Well, this post at the PlayStation blog explains it.  It's worth reading the entire thing, because this single-handedly did more to hype me for Hob than that lovely announcement trailer ever could.

This is the part that really grabbed me:
"I’ve always enjoyed games that encourage the player to explore and to venture off the main path and reward them for it. My rule when playing games is that if I know a certain direction is the main path, I instantly go explore elsewhere first in hopes of being rewarded for it; it’s extremely satisfying when you are."
And then I had to give them the time to read the whole thing.

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  1. the best kind of whimsy has an omnipresent tinge of real danger, that trailer had it in spades.